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Business networks and membership communities need services that enable members to connect and network with other members. With a virtual commerce exchange, your community can Increase engagement, enhance communications, minimize attrition, and earn a new non-dues related revenue stream.

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Limitless features

Weekly email segmented by location & interest.

Weekly email segmented by location & interest.

"Segmenting marketing lists gets better open and click rates. By narrowing your focus to target groups based on interest or location, members will find your campaigns more relevant—and relevant campaigns get better results."

Segmentations provide a positive impact on the engagement of your members and prospects. Segmenting by activity, connections, comments and communications can help identify your most loyal subscribers as well as the most unengaged subscribers, the members who haven't logged on or opened previous notifications or emails.

Integrated communications to engage members.

Integrated communications to engage members.

"We track everything about members and prospects, so we can zero in on the perfect audience to send interesting messages and notifications. Messages are sent to the right users, in the right place, at the right time."

Member engagement delivers in-app messages to capture users in the moment, or re-engage those that have slipped away with email or push messages. Engaging messages Turn users into power users. We show users how to be successful with targeted messages triggered by time or behavior.

Trigger based messages and notifications.

Trigger based messages and notifications.

"Our mobile marketing automation and intelligent CRM solutions drive engagement and strengthen relationships between your brand and your audience."

Marketplaces constantly updated with new products and events, need ways to direct users toward these new offers in an effective yet non-intrusive manner.

Using our messaging platform, we can send in-app messages that appear at the beginning of a session to invite members to shop the newest items. Linking to a specific filter to showcase a collection, allows shoppers a quick, easy path to a destination. By directing people toward products that interest them, they had never seen before, we ensure a more engaging experience.

Super charged marketing automation

Super charged marketing automation

"We use marketing automation applications to create rules and templates that make it easier to communicate with your members and prospects."

By collecting member information such as name, email, preferences and wish lists, and storing the data, we can segment member lists based on that information. We design communication templates that are personalized and send them to relevant segments of members at the right time. With a managed exchange, we handle the technical work of delivering, reporting and analyzing the results of the marketing automation.

Timely, engaging web notifications

Timely, engaging web notifications

"Whether it's an unread message, a weekend deal offer, or a new blog post, with Web Push your members won't miss updates anymore."

Web Push provides the ability to reach your members when they are not not online. We can push timely notifications and new products and service offers to member using Chrome Firefox and Safari.

Reward Actions to Enhance Loyalty

Coming soon...

Reward Redemption to Incentivize Members

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Custom Marketplace Themes

Select a marketplace theme, imagery and color scheme that fits your community's style.


Reciprio has it all


Local and global marketplaces featuring a brilliant array of products, services, advertising and travel.

Member Directory

Local and global member directories featuring business listings and coordinates to reach out, collaborate and connect.

Shopping Cart

Members simply add listings from any seller to their cart, and payments are processed in real time to each seller.


Members checkout and pay with their currency of choice including trade credit, rewards, cash or bitcoin.


Profile settings include interests and wish lists so relevant new members and offers are automagically sent to members.

Account management

Members have total control of their account settings, marketplace listings, requests, purchases and sales.

Demand Side Commerce

"Demand side commerce provides for the purchase and use of products and services produced in an economy, personified by the consumer compared to the vendor in supply side commerce. "

A consumer's goal is to buy the products, services, media and travel they want for the lowest possible price. The lower the cost for the same product or service, the more the consumer will buy. Our demand side marketplace empowers members to purchase at the incremental percentage cost of their own products or services saving them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Wish List

Members select the product and service categories they like to add to their wish list.

Purchase Requests

Members can enter purchase requests to find suppliers and producers on trade.

Preferred Vendors

Members can suggest their preferred vendors to influence the suppliers to sell on trade.


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