About Reciprio

buy phentermine online uk shipping We set off on a mission to break down the barriers to global commerce and entrepreneurship. Our white labeled managed Virtual Commerce Marketplace has already begun connecting communities in the global commerce exchange network.

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buy real phentermine online uk Fast, fresh and extraordinary… All new for 2016 with features never before imagined in a virtual commerce marketplace & member account management portal.


Resource site Not your typical marketplace software… Built from the ground up using the latest development and presentation technologies, Reciprio is API centric to deliver a robust, modular platform designed to exceed all expectations.


where to buy valium online no prescription Future proof your member benefit programs with limitless integrations, features and functionality guaranteed to fast track commerce and provide the ultimate member satisfaction.


simply click Developed for organizations, associations, business networks, universities, communities, municipalities, entrepreneurs and startups interested in offering their members or user base a custom branded virtual commerce exchange without the hassle of managing the technology, members or transactions.

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A New Member Benefit

website Empower members with a new member benefit that enables members to connect, network, engage and facilitate commerce. With a Virtual Commerce Exchange, members can buy and sell with other members in an interactive marketplace, as well as facilitate commerce with tens of thousands of businesses in other exchanges to help them prosper with new sales to new customer locally and worldwide.

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Managed Exchange

buy diazepam cheap no prescription A Virtual Commerce exchange is managed by our team of ecommerce professionals so that you remain focused on your core mission and business. We handle set-up, management, marketing automation, billing & collection, and so much more to assure that your virtual commerce exchange will provide your members with an exceptional experience.


Global Virtual Commerce

Much more Your exchange is interconnected with other virtual commerce exchanges to enhance distribution channels and transaction velocity. Using exchange linking, we will connect your exchanges with other non-competitive exchanges to enhance offers and opportunities.

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Enhances Member Retention

can you buy lorazepam over the counter Member benefits reduce attrition and keep your members paying their membership dues. The more important the services they receive are to their business, the greater the need for them to remain a member of your community.

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Fosters New Members

https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call2553/ Businesses that aren't a member of your organization, chamber, association, or community can be enticed to to become a member by offering marketplace membership at no additional cost. Provide us with your prospect list and we will leverage the new member benefit and marketing automation to deliver new members to your group.

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New Non-dues Revenue Stream

Survey Members pay monthly and transactions fees on all purchases and sales. We revenue share the collected fees to provide you with a new lucrative non-dues related revenue stream. Revenue shares could easily exceed $100,000/year based on the scope of your community and the number of members that participate.



https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call4360/ Our custom marketplace and integrated communications provides TiE members with a new benefit, the opportunity to facilitate trade commerce with tens of thousands of other businesses, plus it enhances our ability to connect and engage with members.

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Sara Myrand
Post Sara Myrand Executive Director cheap phentermine 37.5mg tablets TiE Detroit

xanax valium sale Love it! The marketplace enables our entrepreneurs and co-workers to facilitate commerce with each other and market their services to a global network of new customers. We're getting started in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and plan on rolling out The Spark Growth exchange to connect and engage with incubator and co-work spaces nationwide.

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https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call3098/ The Reciprio marketplace replaced 3 other software applications, which makes administration and brokering so much easier.

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Global Commerce Exchange Network

Diversified Team

https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call1932/ Our management team, board of directors, strategic advisors and member engagement & support teams are laser focused on your success.

buy phentermine online india With diversified backgrounds in e-commerce, technology, finance, payment platforms and marketing, enhancing your virtual commerce marketplace drives our core values.

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